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Since scrap wood with different tree species and shapes is used depending on the time, there is no same pattern as one.

"Everything is only one"

​About "scars"

Because it is a waste wood, the "scars" obtained before it becomes a waste wood such as existing processing, scratches and cracks are
It remains except for those that lead to safety problems such as strength.Because we use waste wood, we think it is unnatural to remove it intentionally.

We believe that leaving " scars" will not only reduce the amount of newly generated garbage, but will also be an opportunity to discover new attractions.

In the process of using it from now on, I think that it will become more attached by adding new "scars" of the owner in addition to the existing "scars".

​ The "scars" that have passed through this will change the furniture into something more special.

Please read before purchasing

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