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privacy policy

Box type (hereinafter referred to as "box type") believes that protecting personal information is the responsibility of box type in conducting business activities.

The box type will take the following measures with due consideration for the appropriate management and use of customer's personal information.


Purpose of use of personal information


In the box type, personal information such as the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address entrusted to us by the customer will be used only within the scope of the purpose agreed by the customer.


Prohibition of disclosure / presentation of personal information to third parties

In principle, the box type will not disclose or present your personal information to a third party unless you have consented to it or there is a valid reason such as a request for disclosure based on laws and regulations.

Inquiry / correction of personal information

In the box type, if the customer requests inquiries or corrections of personal information, we will respond within a reasonable range only if we can confirm that the customer is the person himself / herself.

Continuous review and improvement

Regarding the personal information we hold, we will strictly observe applicable Japanese laws and regulations and other norms, review the contents of this policy as appropriate in response to changes in the social environment, and strive to improve it.

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

If you have any questions or requests regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the following.

Box type

3-705-1 Zoshiki, Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo 207-0032

TEL / 050-5318-5114

URL / http: //

E-mail /

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