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​Masayuki Yanai

The charm of the destination where the wood is used to the end

We cut down timber brought from some distant country and trees that do not need to be cut down, seek rarity and efficiency, and continue to make and throw away as much as possible, using a large amount of energy in front of us and discarding it. There are scrap timbers that continue to be used.


At HAKO SHIKI, we look at the waste wood that is about to be discarded in front of us, and spend a lot of time and effort to make the best use of what is called wood. And what is born under harsh conditions is not only good design, but also last-minute strength, fragility, and beauty. We believe that many people will take in the charm of its essence as a detonator that evokes the daily consideration and benefits of the natural environment.

Make the best use of wood to the end and put its charm on the product,
We are working to support environmental awareness.

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