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​A miracle of regeneration that
no one knows

What the scrap wood tells us when it is about to return and decay.

By reviewing the value of the material and drawing out its appeal
Leading to an increase in environmental awareness

​① Cost

When utilizing the “waste material”, the cost of material itself is not very high.


However, “the process of returning waste material to usable material” - regenerating the waste material in various sizes, shapes, paints and characteristics into usable material with necessary processing - it will take much more cost than just buying the lumbers.


Why do we need to use “waste material” instead of lumbers?

② Attractiveness

When utilizing the material labeled as “waste” due to its appearance or non-compliance with standard, there is the constraint that shape of the product must be considered base on the material.


We carefully observe the characteristics of each single pieces of “waste material”, and consider how to select and combine those pieces in order to finish as product in the functionally and durably best way.


The shape of product, which naturally emerges as a result of the consideration, has unintended attractiveness born because of the constraints.

③Environmental awareness

We, HAKO-SHIKI, try to contribute to environmental improvement through saving things and energy by utilizing the “material” that was originally to be discarded.

In addition to this, we try to provide the “inspiration” for people, who encountered the unintended attractiveness of “waste wood” through our products, to be interested in environmental issues even if only slightly.


This is the goal of our activity.


The value of existing things

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