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Toss ~ Toast dish ~ type1


Size (mm): Width 190 x Depth 190 x Thickness 10

Material: Ceder, Onigurumi, Onigurumi Black (iron mordant specification)

Painting: Natural plant-derived oil

Delivery size: Flat rate 600 yen (free shipping over 8,000 yen in total)

The beautiful triangular irregularities carved from the scrapped timber at regular intervals reduce stuffiness by slightly floating the toast when it is placed.
In addition, the bottom of the recess has fine slits that make it easier to absorb excess moisture. In addition, the oil of toast efficiently soaks into the wood to protect the wood, and since it does not remain as dirt on the surface, it saves the trouble of washing the dishes once.

(When washing, wash with a thin neutral detergent, and after washing, wipe off the water well and dry in the shade.)

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