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Cokyu Wooden Coaster

Cokyu Wooden Coaster


Size (mm): Diameter 100 x Thickness 6

Material: scrap wood, resin

Painted: Unpainted finish

Delivery size: Flat rate 600 yen (free shipping over 8,000 yen in total)

"Cokyu Wooden Coaster" is a coaster that efficiently sucks in the dew condensation dripping from the glass and exhales [breathing] the pleasant scent of natural wood by its wet action.
Due to the nature of natural wood, the end of the wood (the surface cut at right angles to the fiber direction of the wood) has the property of absorbing a large amount of water because it supplied nutrients in the ground during growth.
Trees also have the property of giving off a scent when they get wet, and by taking advantage of these characteristics, it is possible to incorporate the convenient fun and pleasant scent of natural products into our daily lives.
Mosaic is made by hardening scrap wood with transparent resin, so the contrast between the wood part and the transparent part is beautiful, and you will want to take it in your hand and hold it over the light to look into the faint light sunlight through the trees.

We are packaging one by one with an explanation.

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