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Oblique Wooden Board ~ {2 board 1 set}

Oblique Wooden Board ~ {2 board 1 set}


Size of one sheet (mm): Width 255 x Depth 265 x Thickness 15

Material: Various types of scrap wood

Painting: Natural plant-derived oil

Shipping size: Free shipping in japan

Cut out with an exquisite bevel, this "Oblique Board" wipes out the conventional shapes that are prevalent in the world, and has unprecedented convenience and applicability.

It can be used not only as a middle-sized cutting board or as a pair, but also as a serving plate or longboard of various shapes depending on the wide variety of combinations.

The price is the price of a set of two.
The waste wood that was supposed to be discarded is not treated as waste, but as a single material, and the pattern that is carefully hand-made one by one is unque.

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